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Corey + Matt

Our bride Corey describes her wedding vision and her beautiful day…

Our relationship is fun and effortless and we wanted our wedding to be a reflection of that. We found an amazing venue thru our great wedding planners and everything started falling into place. Throw in a fabulous photographer and a to-die-for florist and we had it made! I literally gave our team a direction and they ran with it at full speed. I knew we wanted navy and yellow as our main colors with touches of green -think ultimate spring time/backyard/old Florida wedding and that’s what we got. And so many people told me this wedding planning business would be hard! Ha! Our outdoor venue lent itself to my backyard wedding vision and once it was all said and done, it was like a breath of fresh air. I also really wanted to add in special details and many of them I made myself and I had a ton of fun doing it. From our cute mailbox card holder, to glass candy jars with cute sayings like “om nom nom”, I wanted our personality to shine and it was really easy to add those layers to give the décor a personal touch. I let my bridesmaids pick out whatever dress they wanted, as long as it was navy and the mismatched look turned out to be so ethereal and perfect. The causal ease of the day really allowed everyone to enjoy themselves, and I don’t think any of us were stressed out for even a second. Photography by Emindee Images.

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A Rock Star is Born!

Inspired by a love of rock music, mom and dad set out to throw an unconventional typical baby shower.  Held at night, guests walked in on the red carpet ready to rock the night away.   They made custom painted onesies for the rock star baby and had fun applying fake tattoos to get in rocker mode.   The black and blue themed décor was accented with peonies (mommy’s favorite bloom) in large martini glasses with glowing lights.  The tables were sprinkled with guitar and rock star glitter.   The custom baby cupcakes were a hit and guests walked away with customized CDs of the parents favorite rock songs. Photos by Amanda Marie/Essence of a Moment.

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Candyland 1st Birthday Party

Inspired by Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC and a severe sweet tooth, mom & dad planned a Candyland themed 1st birthday party for their son Dylan.   The centerpiece of the party was the large candy buffet and 3 tier candy covered birthday cake.  The top of the cake was a giant cupcake that was baby’s smash cake.   Surrounding the table were DIY construction paper lollipops that featured a picture for each month of his life.   A birthday boy banner from etsy hung above the table.   Balloons wrapped in cellophane to look like hard candies hung from the ceiling, as well as decorative candy from Dylan Candy Bar store in NYC.  The little party goers were treated with a balloon man making all sorts of fun animals and shapes.    Favor bags included a toothbrush so the guests wouldn’t have a toothache after spending a day in Candyland. Photos by Kenneth Smith/Thompson Photography Group.

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