Planning a Wedding on a Budget Every year Boca Magazine publishes their “Meet the Experts” issue that asks people in and around Boca to play to their strengths and give their readers tips based on their particular expertise.

In the category of wedding planning, they selected to interview Mr. & Mrs. Wedding to provide ideas on how to plan a wedding on a budget for their 2010 edition. Here’s the online version of the article that was published in March. You can read the original and other local experts at

By: Kevin Kaminski, Alexandra Schultz, Marie Speed

Meet the Experts: How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

1. “Flowers are a big part of the budget,” Stefanie says. Stick to in-season flowers. If you have a lot of bridesmaids, consider using their bouquets as centerpieces for a few tables at the reception to cut down on the number you need to have made.

2. Instead of holding your wedding on a Saturday night, go for Friday or Sunday, those nights typically cost less to book. If you choose Friday, you can hold your rehearsal dinner on a Thursday, which will save you even more. Choosing the same caterer for both nights can also get you a better deal.

3. Provide your own alcohol, and consider serving beer, wine and a signature cocktail—a full open bar might leave you with a bunch of open bottles. Many stores will allow you to return unopened bottles after the event.

4. “We tell a lot of brides to hire their photographers for their time and the rights to the pictures,” Stefanie says. Skip the professional album, which could cost hundreds or thousands more. Programs like iPhoto and Web sites like Flickr will allow you to create your own album for much less.

5. Go for a smaller cake, rather than the big six-tier cake. You can have a sheet cake in the back to serve to your guests.

6. Talk to your florist about building an arch that can be easily taken apart, transported and used as decor at your reception.

7. If you go to a bar or nightclub and hear a great band, talk to them about doing your wedding.

Stefanie Fox || Mr. & Mrs. Wedding